It’s happening! We’ve got CORSAIR on board!

Hello PC Builders, In what has been one of our most requested partners for the game, we’re elated to finally announce that CORSAIR are the latest hardware manufacturer to join the PC Building Simulator project! CORSAIR parts will be available to use in-game when it hits early access on March 27th.There’s only two weeks to go until …Continue reading

You asked, we listened! MSI is in the game!

Hello PC Builders! As we’re only just over 5 weeks away from release, we’ve got another hardware manufacturer in addition to Futuremark, Cooler Master, EVGA, NZXT and Raijintek to join the PC Building Simulator project. This is one you’ve been asking about for a while and now it’s finally happened. We’re stoked to announce that …Continue reading

Accurately Benchmark your PC in PC Building Simulator with Futuremark!

Hello PC Builders, Today we have something a little different from our usual partner announcements… we’re delighted to announce that Futuremark has joined the PC Building Simulator project! Futuremark’s popular 3DMark and VRMark tools will be emulated in-game with real-world data ensuring that PC Building Simulator is as accurate as possible. These benchmarking tools will …Continue reading