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Welcoming HYTE to PC Building Simulator 2

Hello PC Builders!

Today we're excited to welcome HYTE to the PC Building Simulator 2 family of Hardware Partners. At launch, PC Building Simulator 2 will feature both the Y60 and Revolt 3 available to play in-game.

To celebrate, we've teamed up with HYTE to giveaway 10 copies of PC Building Simulator 2 (emailed to winners after launch) and 10 Eclipse HG10 headsets. Click here or the image below to enter.

You can find out more about HYTE on their website and wishlist PC Building Simulator 2 over on the Epic Games Store.

Stay up to date!

Feeling the HYTE hype? Wanna Revolt from the case norms with a Y60? Whether you’re a PC Pro or casual computer tinkerer, join us on all our official platforms here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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