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PC Building Simulator 2 is Out Now!

Congratulations PC Builders!

Today is the day many of you have been patiently (and less patiently, you know who you are...) waiting for – the launch of PC Building Simulator 2! You can grab it now on Epic Games Store with 10% off until Oct 18th or 15% off for our Beta participants till the end of 2022.

Watch the launch trailer below or via our YouTube channel.

In the debut of our official sequel blog, we’re covering the new career, new features, new apps, new OS, and a new public roadmap. First though, in a welcome twist that shouldn’t surprise anyone…

New Hardware Partners

Starting off with a PC Building Simulator tradition, as we embarked on our quest to earn the shiny ‘2’ next to the logo we needed new partners, lots of new partners. Below we’re recapping the first five; HYTE, IceGiant, PALIT, AeroCool and EndGame Gear along with our first parts from each brand.


After being propelled to instant notoriety with the uniquely shaped Y60 case (read: not a fish tank), HYTE plays in the stylistic space between VTubers, anime, and high-performance cars.


HYTE Revolt 3

Not content to add just one high-performance case to the PC Building Simulator 2 line-up, both the HYTE Y60 and the smaller form factor HYTE Revolt 3 debut together in today’s release.


In a world where liquid cooling is hinted at as mandatory for higher-end processors, IceGiant’s innovative engineering produced the ProSiphon Elite, pushing air cooling to the limit.

IceGiant ProSiphon Elite

Whether you’re ‘taming the beast’ or testing our new range of benchmarks, if the ProSiphon Elite fits it’ll cool whatever you plan to throw at it.


Veteran GPU creators and self-described ‘innovative gameholics’, Palit are notorious for bringing uncompromising style well ahead of the ARGB fan curve with their high-quality GameRock and GamingPro graphics lines.

Palit GeForce RTX® 3080 Ti GamingPro

To get things started we’re introducing a selection of GamingPro GPUs from the RTX 30 series, an ideal choice to test our new RGB app.


Founded in 2001 with the full name AeroCool Advanced Technologies, AAT lives up to its namesake with performance-focused designs citing material science and airflow analysis as guiding principles.

AeroCool Aero One

Complete with a mesh front and plenty of room for radiators, the Aero One case is available in PC Building Simulator 2 as AeroCool’s first virtual hardware entry.

EndGame Gear

Created by a small team of Berlin-based enthusiasts, Endgame Gear started with their launch of the XM1 in 2019 and quickly became one of the most hotly talked about brands in gaming mice.

Endgame Gear XM1 RGB

Earning praise from famed Quake player turned mouse reviewer and designer Zy “Rocket Jump Ninja” Rykoa, the Endgame Gear XM1 RGB is their first product joining PC Building Simulator 2.

New Career Mode

Step into a whole new customisable workshop, solve a variety of new job types and sell PCs directly from your storefront.

PC Building Simulator 2 features a whole new career mode with over 30 hours of brand-new content. Starting from the bottom, players can build their own PC business following an unfortunate and mysterious accident (which conveniently destroyed the PC Building Simulator 1 workshop, and which had nothing to do with Uncle Tim in any way, especially if the insurance agents are asking).

New features

Most important on our list of sequel-worthy upgrades, PC Building Simulator 2 includes a long list of new features from launch, many of which we’ve turned into short tutorials on our official YouTube channel. From increased visual fidelity to entirely new gameplay archetypes, below is a short list of ways we’re deepening the simulation starting with our initial release:

Visual upgrade

Upgraded graphics with more realistic rendering and lighting.

Export and share PCs

Export PC builds via the new .pcbs file format, and share them with your friends and our community in the build share channel on our official Discord.

New Workbench Types

In addition to Build Mode, we also now have dedicated Case Modding and Water-Cooling bench modes.

Custom water-cooling blocks

We now support adding your own water blocks to existing parts, including:

  • GPU & CPU water blocks.

  • Motherboard monoblocks (VRM & CPU).

  • RAM blocks.

Case Spray Paint, Stickers and Themes

Use the Case Modding bench mode to switch up the style of your case.


Check emails and use apps while moving around the workshop. Particularly handy for ordering parts while working on a PC, and collecting money for jobs as soon as you’ve dropped the PCs off in the hallway.

Link parts order to customer jobs in Career Mode

Keep track of what parts are for which customer with the handy job linking function.

All new UI and Omega OS

  • New version of Omega OS including many new apps.

  • Huge overhaul of the email app including folders and customisable tags.

  • Many apps work across the office PC and tablet.

  • Overhauled inventory.

Customisable workshop

The new decorator application on the tablet allows you to customize your workshop’s decor, mixing and matching from several themes.

Revamped RGB Lighting

  • ARGB on a selection of supported parts.

  • Brand new Lighting app.

  • Sequencing features for spanning effects across parts.

New benchmarking tools

  • Time Spy Extreme and Port Royal by UL’s 3DMark.

  • Cinebench by Maxon.

Dedicated Clone OS USB stick

  • Can be used to copy the customer’s entire OS and files to a new storage device.

New apps

  • RAMWizz

A handy tool for calculating RAM timings settings.

  • PowerMonitor

See current, min, max and average power consumption for each component in your PC.

  • Fan Control

Control RPMs of fans as a group or individually.

Use presets or create your own custom fan profiles.

  • Thermal app

Used on the new tablet, this app helps you find which PC parts are getting too hot.

Adjustable RAM timings

Tweaks are available in the BIOS of supported motherboards.

All new soundtrack

18 original tracks by Gavin Harrison and a range of collaborators, spanning genres from rock and pop to hip-hop, house and UK garage.

Physical Shop

  • Buy broken PCs from the new SparesNRepairs app.

  • Fix them, upgrade them, and put them on sale in the Shop out front.

  • Attract a better price by overclocking, customizing the case, water cooling, and adding custom lighting and cables.

Freehand Thermal Paste application

You can now draw your own pattern when installing thermal paste.

Quad SLI/CrossFire

4 GPUs in a single PC are now supported via SLI and CrossFire.

New Public Roadmap

Finally, as alluded to throughout this blog today, this is just the beginning. Whether you can’t find what you’re looking for in the 1200+ parts included at launch, want to know if we’re paying attention to Computex, or dreaming up new features we might already have plans for – be sure to check out the first version of our game roadmap.

Over the coming months, we’re going to be adding more information on what we’re focused on, and players can expect the roadmap board to house work-in-progress features we’re comfortable sharing. As many of you may have guessed, upcoming hardware releases including AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series, Intel’s 13th generation processors, Nvidia’s RTX 40 series and the following AMD Radeon 7000 series are a high priority for us too.

Note: in some cases, Trello cards may remain lighter on detail or skip products included in patches as we keep to what’s publicly acknowledged when working with relevant hardware partners.

Stay up to date!

Watching our parts list growing in numbers? Updates growing in speed? Think the roadmap can’t fight the future? People, they come together on our official channels here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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