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Welcoming IceGiant to PC Building Simulator 2

Hello PC Builders!

As we count down to the release of PC Building Simulator 2 today is an exceptionally exciting day as we welcome another new hardware partner! (Side note: we’ll share the game release date shortly). At launch, we’ll be introducing IceGiant and bringing their ProSiphon Elite cooler to the game.

Notable for proving that just about anything can be air-cooled if you have the engineering chops, we’re celebrating our newfound friendship by giving away an IceGiant ProSiphon Elite cooler along with 10 more copies of PC Building Simulator 2 (emailed to winners after launch). Click here or the image below to head to the official giveaway page.

You can find out more about IceGiant on their website and wishlist PC Building Simulator 2 over on the Epic Games Store.

Stay up to date!

Planning to cool your next PC by standing on the shoulders of IceGiants? Looking for the Niflheim to your PC’s Muspelheim? Whether you’re a fan of Epic or Eddas, tell us all about it on our official platforms here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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