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[April Fools Day] PC Building Simulator | PC Update v1.10.9 – R.G.B. Workshop



It’s time to accelerate the PC PC building experience to multi-spectrum light speed with our latest update – introducing the most futuristic workshop upgrade yet, the Real Gamer Battlestation Workshop (R.G.B. for short).

Check out the trailer here:

Along with the workshop we’re fast tracking a number of bright ideas to make the PC building experience really shine.


  • To celebrate the launch of the new R.G.B. Workshop, we’ve made some adjustments to the lighting app:

    • All lighting effects are now correctly set to rainbow mode.

    • The static, breathe, flash and ramp lighting effect options have been removed.

    • Options sliders for ‘Speed’ and ‘Time Offset’ have been replaced with a new simplified screen for ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes, but faster’ which ensures lights are always on whilst giving players some extra juice if they need it.

    • Lighting previews now display in full screen.

    • The lighting app now controls the speed of lighting globally.

  • Shop and inventory filters now correctly select RGB lighting by default.

  • After listening to popular feedback, parts without RGB lighting have been removed. We hope you’re happy.

  • Cases without large enough windows are gone too.

  • When using the RGB workshop, parts will now install 10,000% faster.

  • To help players make the most of the increased speed, the Music Player app now offers dubstep or drum and bass exclusively.

  • Upon reaching a 5-star bongle rating, customers will now request more S-ATX builds. *Slaps top of case* This form factor can fit so many addressable fans in it.

  • Inspired by our recent interest in collaborations, finished builds can now be previewed from an additional exterior view – courtesy of the Mars Horizon team’s friends on the International Space Station.


Looking for a way to brighten up your day? Shine a spotlight on or from your latest rig? #RGBPlants? Join us and use the light theme on all our official platforms here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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