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Free Demo for PC Building Simulator 2 – now available!

Try PC Building Simulator 2 for free now, and play the first 5 levels of Career Mode.

The full game has 30 feature-packed levels, and an unrestricted Free Build mode with 1200+ realistic parts from AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, MSI, ASUS, NZXT, RAZER and more.

Full version game features:

Start your own PC business in Career Mode and learn how to build and restore PCs. Upgrade your workshop, unlocking new tools and equipment as you progress. Earn profits and play super long for your customers, watching the positive reviews fly in.

Unleash your creativity in the free installation mode. Plan from over 1200 parts and assemble a powerful PC. Install an upgraded open-loop water cooling system, overclock your computer's CPU & GPU, and adjust memory timing to further improve performance. Test and refine your designs with 3DMark and the Cinebench scoring system.

Add sequential RGB lights, paint and stickers to your PC to create the ultimate custom PC. Customize your workshop with new wallpapers, floors, posters and furniture, allowing you to completely customize your PC installation.

Use real hardware and software simulation to further carry out the installation process. Optimize your computer's cooling system with fan control apps and temperature-sensitive cameras, track power consumption with power monitors, and add custom water cooling to your GPU, CPU, RAM, and motherboard.


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