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PC Building Simulator 2 | Patch v1.1.09

Hello PC Builders!

Today’s v1.1.09 update is a second minor patch for Update 1.1. You can find a list of the addressed issues below:


  • Fixed an issue where the game can enter an unresponsive state if a job’s PC is interacted with after being put in the storage cupboard during the motherboard’s water-cooling step.


  • Addressed visual glitches with fan blades on the Arctic Freezer 34 case fans.

  • Remedied a problem where the rear (side) panel could not be replaced on the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact case.

Stay up to date!

We'd once again like to wish our community a fantastic holiday season, and we look forward to more updates in 2023.

Keep in touch with all of our official platforms below:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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