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PC Building Simulator 2 | Update v1.00.18

Hello PC Builders!

Like fine-tuning your own PC, the work on PC Building Simulator 2 continues! Today's update will bring us to patch v1.00.18. You can find a list of the addressed issues below along with a seperate section for this week's hotfixes. Once again, special thanks to the community for contributions to bug reporting and evidence gathering.

Bug Fixes

Hotfixes (21 October)

  • Fixed incorrect 3D Mark German translation.

  • Fixed a situation where the tablet could get stuck in the raised position, with the tablet screen blank, during the CAS latency onboarding.

  • Fixed the Ryzen 9 5900X listing Sixteen Cores rather than Twelve (really this time).

  • Version number now displayed on the Pause Menu.

  • SLI ribbon connector allows multiple GPUs to be used across more models of motherboard (a lot of the SLI issues were not having a bridge the right size, this helps with that).


  • Fixed issue where players can set negative numbers for PC store sales.

  • Fixed issue where the shop wouldn’t let players view/edit the checkout list.


  • Fixed an issue where a story job requested an M2 storage that was not supported by a specific motherboard.

  • Fixed issue where a random job asked for a PC to be upgraded to a lower level SSD and the budget didn’t match.

  • Fixed issue where jobs asked for an overclock to 63675Mhz.

  • Fixed an issue where a job asked for GPU overclock to 88205Mhz

  • Fixed an issue where a job instructed to paint a case sky blue but was unclear as to whether it actually was to be painted or wrapped.


  • Fixed issue where regardless of available connectors, it was impossible to connect every fan, HDD or SSD in the HAF 700 EVO.

  • Fixed issue where Z690 Unify X had more than two DIMM slots.

  • Rectified issue where removing the fan already included with a case would affect the total budget when reinstalled.

  • Remedied issues with clicking on Apply, Discard or Factory Reset in MSI BIOS.

  • Solved a rare issue where a cable would extend from a PC to the ceiling.

  • Fixed issue where the NXZT N7 Z690 motherboard is incorrectly labelled as E-ATX in game whereas the official specs show it as S-ATX.

  • Rectified issue where radiators were clipping badly into a specific motherboard.

  • Remedied issue where the fan hub cannot be plugged into the PSU inside the Fractal Torrent case.

  • Solved issue where the Hyte Y60 Aero One cases have no S-ATX support but have E-ATX support.

  • Fixed issue where CPU the PC for coolkid doesn’t seem to fit properly.

  • Rectified issue where Pump/reservoir clips through motherboard in the HYTE Y60 case

  • Remedied issue where headline reports the NVidia Geforce GTX Super Series as unlocked but it’s the RTX.

  • Solved issue where the GIGABYTE z590 AORUS MASTER (rev 1.0) motherboard does not appear in the Lighting app.

  • Fixed issue where the air cooler and the power cable for the GPU can be seen through the painted side panel of the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic case.

  • Rectified issue where the Raijintek Pallas 120 cooler is too far away from the CPU.

  • Remedied issue where players had a stray CPU cooler cable clipping out of the case towards the workshop ceiling.

  • Solved issue where the player was unable to install two lots of WC RAM.

  • Fixed issue where the Ryzen 7 5800X and 5800X3D had the same ranking in the parts app.

  • Remedied issue where there are no screw inserts for the M.2 SSD drives in the MSI MEG Z690 UNIFY motherboards.

  • Rectified issue where one M.2 SSD drive is not properly connected when installed in an MSI MED Z690 UNIFY motherboard.

  • Resolved issue where most M.2 drive sections of the MSI MED Z690 UNIFY motherboards are textureless and extend past their intended placement.

  • Solved issue where the CPU 4-pin power slot of the NZXT N7 Z690 motherboard is slightly misplaced.

  • Fixed issue where due to their thickness, some M.2 drives are clipping through the motherboard M.2 shield.

  • Fixed issue where the 24-pin power cable is installed backwards in the GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS MASTER (rev 1.0) motherboard.

  • Rectified issue where the G.SKILL Z5i Mini ITX case is missing the blocking in the upper fan slots.

  • Resolved issue with the ASRock TRX40 Taichi motherboard is missing SLI functionality.

  • Remedied issue where thermal paste cannot be applied or removed if a GPU is installed in the HYTE Y60 case.

  • Resolved issue where the action of connecting all of the peripherals to the PC during a specific onboarding cannot be completed with a wireless mouse.


  • Fixed issue where a level 7 parts update email update shows “need translating.” (ES)

  • Remedied issue where an overlap of Delivery and Stock take occurred. (ES, PTBR)

  • Rectified issue where there was an incorrect line break in the delivery section of the cart. (PL, RU)

  • Fixed issue with a truncated button during OPS cloning. (FR, DE, PTBR, PL, RU, JP, ES)

  • Resolved issue with incorrect capitalization variable on “Left click” and “Right click.” (ALL)

  • Fixed issue with an incorrect line break in SPEED title on “Rainbow lightning.” (DE)

  • Rectified issue with a cut-off in speed options in “Rainbow lightning.” (FR, DE, ES, PTBR, PL, RU, KO, JP, CN)


  • Resolved issue where opening the BIOS during the shop onboarding leads to a blocker.

  • Fixed issue where Cinebench onboarding tells player to connect the cables when they already have been.

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