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PC Building Simulator 2 Update v1.8

Hello PC Builders!

Today, we’re opening the case on PC Building Simulator 2 v1.8. Photo Mode has arrived! Use it to showcase your creations in dynamic and exciting ways. Not only that, but we’ve got parts returning from the first PC Building Simulator, as well as some more bug fixes and new quality of life improvements. Let’s get down to it!

New Feature: Photo Mode

You can find the Photo App in the tablet and it will be available in both Career and Free build modes. Not only can you take photos, but you’ll be able to make GIFs to really make your build’s imagery pop. Don’t forget to add stickers in the Photo App for some post-production flare.

Part of the fun in assembling impressive PC builds is sharing them, so show out with Photo Mode and give us your most perfect PC presentations!

Returning PCBS1 Parts:

  • Fractal Design Case Node 202

  • InWin Case 925

  • CORSAIR Case Carbide Series 275R (Black)

  • CORSAIR Case Carbide Series 275R (White)

  • EVGA Case DG-84 Full Tower

  • EVGA Case DG-85 Full Tower

  • EVGA Case DG-86 Full Tower

  • EVGA Case DG-87 Full Tower

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 220T RGB TG (Black)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 220T RGB TG (White)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000D (Black)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000D (White)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000D Airflow (Black)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000D Airflow (White)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000X RGB (Black)

  • CORSAIR Case iCUE 5000X RGB (White)

  • Cooler Master Case MasterCase H500P

  • Colorful GPU iGame GeForce RTX 3060 bilibili E-sports Edition OC 12G-V

  • Colorful GPU iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ti bilibili E-sports Edition OC LHR-V

  • Colorful GPU iGame GeForce RTX 3070 bilibili E-sports Edition OC LHR-V

  • CORSAIR Radiator Hydro X Series XR5 420

  • Kingston SSD A400 SATA SSD 120GB

  • Kingston SSD A400 SATA SSD 240GB

  • Kingston SSD A400 SATA SSD 480GB

  • Kingston SSD A400 SATA SSD 960GB

  • HyperX SSD FURY RGB 240GB

  • Kingston SSD KC600 SATA SSD 1024GB

  • Kingston SSD KC600 SATA SSD 2048GB

  • Kingston SSD KC600 SATA SSD 256GB

  • Kingston SSD KC600 SATA SSD 512GB

  • Colorful SSD SL500 960GB Blue.L.E

  • Colorful SSD SL500 960GB Black.L.E

  • GIGABYTE GPU GeForce GT 1030 OC 2G

  • EVGA GPU GeForce GT 1030 SC

  • ZOTAC GPU GeForce GTX 1060 Mini

  • CORSAIR Case Graphite Series 380T

  • CORSAIR Case Crystal Series 280X RGB

  • CORSAIR Case Obsidian Series 500D

  • Gamerstorm Case NEW ARK 90

  • Gamerstorm Case Tristellar SW

  • Silverstone Case LD03

New Cable Connector Variants:

  • White

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

Quality of Life Improvements

Auto Thermal Pad Tool

  • This removes the thermal pad automatically

Cable App Improvement

  • You can click and drag to color multiple cables

Auto Unable a part when removed

  • When removing a part, all the cables will be removed automatically

Waterblock Removal

  • Auto un-screw the watercooler from the GPU

Redo Button Case Mod UI

  • When applying stickers, allows the player re-perform an action after they undo it

Bug Fixes


  • Desks and PCs are no longer interactable through walls.

  • Custom watercooled GPUs can be searched in the inventory by typing the water block's name.

  • Decorator no longer blocks access to the shop front when closing app via the tablet's home button.

  • Fixed the Korean localisation of the title.

  • "Back" and "Apply" buttons no longer appear blank when highlighted.


  • The be quiet! Pure Loop series AIO coolers no longer support RGB

  • Added the Royale Silver variant of the Steiger Dynamics LEET case.

  • Screws are now present when installing a GPU block on the GTX 1070 FE GPU.

  • GPU supports of the Phanteks NV7 are no longer invisible.

  • Removed superfluous PCI covers from Lian Li cases.

  • Fixed a small hole in the model of the Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Vapor-X 24GB GPU.

  • Updated GPU width compatibility for the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic case.

  • Radiators in the top left of the Phanteks NV7 cases can now be cabled to the motherboard.

  • Fan RGB will persistently render behind glass side panels.

  • Fixed misalignments on the MSI MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI Motherboard.

  • E-ATX Motherboards now get blocked by the beauty panel inside the NZXT H710i case.

  • Updated the model for the ASRock Z390 Pro4 Motherboard.

  • Adjusted the CPU cooler install position on the ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming Motherboard.

  • Updated the model for the NZXT N7 Z590 Motherboard.

  • Screw covers on the Phanteks D30 fans now install depending on fan rotation.

  • Kolink Stronghold glass panel no longer has Z-Fighting.

  • Changed the lighting for custom Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 240 thumbnails.

  • Be Quiet Silent Base 600 now has a shadow.

  • RAM CAS Latency is now shown in the description of the RAM.

  • EVGA SuperNOVA PSUs now have icons on the power switches.

  • Added an extra thermal pad to the ASUS ROG Strix GeForce 3090 O24G GPU.

  • Updated the thumbnail for the Team Group T-Force Delta MAX SSDs.

  • Dusting no longer relies on the right side of the NR200P being removed first.

  • The ADATA XPG Core Reactor 650W can no longer have 2 cables connected to the same connectors.

  • Fans on the NZXT H7 Elite will now screw in correctly.

  • Removed superfluous light on the EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2 PSU.

  • SilverStone RVZ03 (White) can now be powered on using all desks.

  • 4 Watercooled Radeon RX 6900XT GPUs now pipe correctly in the InWin ModFree Deluxe case.

  • Alphacool Eisbaer LT92 120mm is now scaled correctly.

  • Fixed the SATA cables on the Gigabyte X399 AORUS gaming 7 being detected for GPU 8 pin cables.

  • External cables for the SilverStone RVZ03 (White) case no longer float unusally.

  • GPUs can now be vertically mounted in the CORSAIR iCUE 5000T cases.

  • Added more cables to the Deepcool MATREXX 55 case for radiators and case fans.

  • Fans no longer render on top of the glass panels of the FSP CMT520 Plus case.

  • Fixed the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU cooler blocking some side panels when installed.

  • Watercooled RAM no longer only leaves behind the water block when removed from a case.

  • Icons are now shown on the power switch for the Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ PSU.

  • Icons are now shown on the power switches for SilverStone PSUs.

  • The ASRock B550M-IT/ac will no longer fit in cases where it causes major cable clipping.

  • Cable connectors no longer clip through the Mortoni A320M Mtech plus Motherboard.


  • Fixed mismatched connectors in the ADATA XPG Core Reactor 650W PSU.

  • CPU Blocks now require cabling.

  • Stopped cable connectors clipping on the ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WI-FI AC) Motherboard.

  • Stopped cable connectors clipping on the GIGABYTE GA-B250M-Gaming 5 Motherboard.

  • Cables will no longer appear outside the NZXT H710i (white) case.

  • Cables no longer leave gaps between the cable and the power connectors.

  • Replaced the missing GPU riser cable in the Rajintek NYX PRO case.

  • The fan hub of the FSP CMT340 case can now be cabled.

  • The Airflow App will no longer stay open when exiting a workbench.

  • The tablet no longer disappears when collecting job payments.

Stay up to date!

We hope you enjoy breaking out some of the classic PCBS1 parts and when you do, be sure to share your usage of them with Photo Mode! Tell us what you’re building, repairing and experimenting with on our official platforms here: 


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