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PC Building Simulator 2: Open Beta Available Now

Hello PC Builders!

Today is a special day as we announce the PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta, available to download and play through the Epic Games Store from now until June 20th.

As with last year’s IT Expansion beta, this is a limited test of what we’ve been working on, that’ll be fun to play whilst allowing us to hear feedback and iterate before release. Please expect some bugs, and though we believe major ones that would stop players jumping in for a test drive have been squashed, we’ll be hanging around on Discord and social media throughout just in case.

First though, before we get into some of the new feature reveals…

MSI Beta Build competition

We’ve once again teamed up with MSI, this time to challenge everyone taking part in the free Open Beta to create the best looking MSI themed build and win some real-world prizes.

Fancy a new Quantum Dot monitor, motherboard/power supply combo, or just want an awesome hat? Check out all the details on their Sideqik page.

So, what’s new?

For this initial round of testing our focus has been to share a taste of PC Building Simulator 2. Beyond a concentrated batch of parts, players can check out new features including improved RGB lighting, case customisation, and custom waterblocks for GPUs, RAM and motherboards.

Let there be (addressable) light(s)

To help players make use of the new lighting and rendering technology in PC Building Simulator 2, we’ve revamped our RGB lighting app.

Whether inspired by modern aesthetics or our previous April fools’ video, light up the new workshop like never before – with properly sequenced and addressable RGB.

Does it come in black?

Whether you’ve found your favourite chassis and need it in red for some extra speed or believe racing stripes are best kept stationary on your desktop, our new Case Modding bench has it all.

Paint, sticker bomb or wrap any case in the game to take your #FanBuildFriday’s to a whole new level.

Add some water, my friends

Empty your mind and turn almost anything into a water-cooled part with our new custom water-cooling bench.

Starting with today’s beta, players can now add water blocks to CPUs/VRMs, GPUs and memory modules by refitting their new workbenches to Water Cooling stations.

You made this? ...You made this!

As another exciting new feature in PC Building Simulator 2 we’re introducing the ability to import and export builds in Free build mode allowing players to share PCs in our new .pcbs file format.

We’ve paired this with our new Discord bot which will unfurl and preview the files allowing you to share builds and download them on the official PC Building Simulator Discord server. To give it a try simply access the cabinet in Free Build and a tutorial will walk you through it.

Beyond the implications for competitions like the inevitable addendum to last year’s overclocking challenge, we’re looking forward to seeing players collaborate and share builds like never before.

Two more things…

Finally, as a special thanks to everyone who takes part in the open beta, we’re giving players 15% off the game once it’s ready for release later this year. For players going the extra mile to provide feedback through the form linked in game, we’re giving you an opportunity to win a copy of the game as well. (Winners will receive an Epic Games Store key when the game launches)

Stay up to date!

Want to share your thoughts before release day? First time building or know your Wavefronts from your case fronts? Whether you’re a hardware enthusiast or casual constructor, join us on all our official platforms here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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