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Welcoming Maxon to PC Building Simulator 2

Hello PC Builders!

Following on from recent hardware partner announcements, today we’re happy to officially welcome a new software partner – Maxon!

Creators of industry-renowned programs such as Zbrush, Cinema 4D, RedShift, and more – Maxon is joining PC Building Simulator to bring their famous benchmarking tool, Cinebench, to PC Building Simulator 2.

Evaluate your virtual hardware with Cinebench R20 to see single and multicore scores across our ever-growing CPU range, part of our updated benchmarking suite in PC Building Simulator 2. Find out more about Maxon and put your real-world hardware to the test (responsibly) here.

Stay up to date!

Beginner artist or Zbrush prodigy? Racing redshifts in outer space? Taking your cinema to another dimension? Pay close attention to our official platforms here:


The PC Building Simulator Team


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