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PC Building Simulator 2 Announcement

Hello PC Builders!

Today we’re excited to share something we’ve been making in the background for quite a while – PC Building Simulator 2.

Working alongside the development team at Spiral House, and with nearly every major hardware vendor in the PC scene, announcing a sequel means a chance to step up and push the limits on virtual PC creation to new heights (and of course, add better RGB).

Sam ‘Caliburn’ Hills, Senior Community Manager of PC Building Simulator, explained “It’s a chance for us to do a lot of the things we couldn’t do before on a technical level. We’re aiming to simultaneously add more depth to the simulation, increase options for customization, improve the ability to tinker, and to make a better-looking game ... It’s hard work but right now everyone on the team is really hyped.”

Following on from the huge success of the first title, PC Building Simulator 2 will innovate on the original’s repair shop experience, adding an improved and expanded feature set incorporating years of community feedback.

Want to stay up to date? Follow our official Twitter, and add the game to your Epic Games Store wishlist today.

Cheers, The PC Building Simulator Team


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