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PC Building Simulator | PC Update v1.9.5

Hello PC Builders!

Today we’re rolling out another patch following on from recent hotfixes. This update addresses a number of bugs along with the highly anticipated adjustments to Threadripper processors and patches for memory overclocking on Intel chipsets. As before, we’d like to thank the community for all of their feedback which has been key throughout development – iterating this quickly wouldn’t be possible without you. But first, along with today’s changes…

Introducing AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors

Continuing our commitment to keeping up with an incredibly busy hardware season, today we’re happy to welcome Zen 3 processors to PC Building Simulator, with special thanks to the team at AMD. These parts are unlocked at level 33 (with the 5950x being unlocked about 1/3rd into the level itself).

Thousands of fans tuned in to AMD’s recent ‘Where Gaming Begins’ announcements, so as with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3090 added in last month’s mega update we wanted to get initial versions to everyone as soon as possible. Players can expect a more expansive update to follow soon, and as ever there’s room for traditional speculation over on our discord.

Taming the beast – Threadripper revisited

Along with introducing the latest AMD desktop processors we wanted to assist players in conquering Threadripper CPUs in PC Building Simulator. Referring to a large selection of published benchmarks we aimed to bring the thermals of the famous enthusiast chip closer to real world data.

After significant adjustment behind the scenes we’re now allowing much easier cooling at stock, however more extreme builders can expect it to remain a hefty overclocking challenge. Additionally, with these changes we’re allowing ourselves much more room to tune all flavours of cooling in future across PC Building Simulator’s entire CPU range.

Memory Overclocking

In the last update, memory overclocking was inadvertently limited on Intel boards and only appeared when paired with K or X series processors. Today it’s back and working as intended allowing overclocking and XMP to correctly appear on boards across the Intel chipset range.

Bug Fixes:

Finally, we’ve got a several other fixes going into this patch along with some tweaks to the new filter system. Check out the full list below:

  • Search will no longer reset on returning to build mode.

  • Fixed an issue leading to builds using Open Benchtable cases getting too hot.

  • Fixed an issue with filters combining cases and motherboard options.

  • Removed a number of redundant filter options from PSU Lengths

  • Removed ‘RAM type’ from motherboard filter category.

  • Removed ‘Type’ filter from Case Fans category

  • Added price filters to items in inventory.

  • Added ‘Chipset’ filters to CPUs

Stay up to date

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The PC Building Simulator Team


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