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PC Building Simulator Original Soundtrack

Now you too can make your home workshop feel like the real deal with the perfect backing track for your PC building sessions: the official, original soundtrack for the best selling game PC Building Simulator!

Use the calming tones of ‘Light’ to sooth your cable configuring woes. Tap along to ‘RAM Out Of Luck’ while you wait for your virus scan to complete. And test your sound drivers with the celebrated rap rhymes of ‘The Ultimate PC’. Whatever your PC building efforts require: you’ll find it here.

This release also includes three brand new tracks produced especially for the Esports Expansion DLC!

PC Building Simulator Original Soundtrack


Esports Expansion DLC

IT Expansion DLC


Aorus Workshop DLC
NZXT Workshop DLC
Republic of Gamers Workshop DLC
EVGA Workshop DLC
Overclockers UK Workshop DLC
Fractal Workshop DLC
Razer Workshop DLC


Esports Expansion Thumbnail
Career Power Pack
Esports Expansion Thumbnail
Maxed Out Edition
Esports Expansion Thumbnail
Overclocked DLC
Esports Expansion Thumbnail
Workshops Mega Pack
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