Get Your Cases In Check With Our New Partner Antec!

Hey PC Builders!

We’ve been announcing some new PC parts from many of our existing partners recently, so how about a new partner entirely? We’re delighted to reveal that Antec are coming to PC Building Simulator starting with their DF500 case later today as part of our latest patch!

If you’re looking for high-performing cases combined with stunning looks in PC Building Simulator, Antec have you covered. Players will initially have access to five Antec cases and these include the versatile gaming mid-tower DF500, extreme mid-tower P110 Luce, P6 compact powerhouse, P7 window and P8 performance series. These high-end cases come with some amazing features including air intake filters, airflow cooling systems and space-efficient interiors. A whole host of features that any PC Builder would love to have at their disposal.

Which of these Antec cases are you most looking forward to using in PC Building Simulator? Let us know in the comments below!

PC Building Simulator has been in Early Access for just over two months and the community has been amazing! Thank you all for your continued support. We’ll have more features and products implemented into the game as we progress through Early Access. To see what we’ve got planned in this time, please visit our Early Access Roadmap:

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– The PC Building Simulator Team

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