Check out RAIJINTEK components in PC Building Simulator at launch!

Hello PC Builders,

Thank you all for the great response to the Futuremark, Cooler Master and NZXT announcements. Today we’re adding another name to the list: Raijintek!

Players will have the option to build PCs in-game using RAIJINTEK’s popular range of air and liquid coolers plus an assortment of cases, all, lovingly recreated using 3D graphics and fully functional!

At launch PC Building Simulator will feature the following RAIJINTEK components:


  • Thetis
  • Asterion
  • Paean
  • Styx
  • Metis

Air Coolers

  • Tisis
  • Ereboss
  • Themis Evo

Liquid Coolers

  • Triton series

Watch the video below to see the Raijintek Paean Case and Themis Evo air cooler in-game!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

The early pre-alpha demo is still free here on Don’t forget to add PC Building Simulator to your wishlists and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates!

– The PC Building Simulator Team

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