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PC Building Simulator News

The latest news about the game all in one handy place!

NZXT is coming to PC Building Simulator!

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with award-winning PC Hardware Manufacturer, NZXT, to allow players to try their catalogue in-game, starting with their most popular case, the S340 and the high-performance Kraken liquid coolers.

Please let us know what NZXT components you would like to see included in the game!

PC Building Simulator is coming to Steam!

We have a Steam page for the game live! This is very exciting for a few reasons but the main ones being…

  • It makes the game feel more official!
  • We got to make a new teaser trailer that you can see below
  • It opens up the community forums so that we can speak directly to people interested in the game
  • People can start to add the game to their Steam wishlists!

Here is our new trailer:

Please head over to the Steam page and let us know your thoughts and any questions you might have about the game!


A long overdue development update

Hello PC Building Simulator fans,

Apologies for things being so quiet on the game development front but there has been lots to sort out since signing with my new publisher The Irregular Corporation to make sure that the completed version of the game can arrive in your hands as soon as possible.

Along with making these plans I have also been busy with my exams which are now nearly complete so once they are I can continue work on PC Building Simulator full time.

I know lots of you have been asking for an update on progress so here is a snapshot of things that are being worked on:

  • Improving assembly and disassembly process
  • Adding screws to the building process
  • New cable placing system
  • Creating a temperature system so that heat is a consideration when building a PC
  • Creating an airflow system to work alongside the temperature system
  • Experimenting with overclocking of components   
  • Creating a working bios for PC’s that you build
  • Brand new user interface
  • Career mode – this is early days but think running your own PC building business with jobs such as new builds, repairs and upgrades and you get a good idea.

Alongside this work is ongoing discussions with real-world hardware vendors to bring their components to the game and it is exciting to say many are very interested! We hope to reveal the first PC Hardware partners soon!

PC Building Simulator also now has a new home, alongside our social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook) you can now also see the latest game news at:

Thanks for the continued support of everyone that has downloaded the demo, given feedback and made videos of playing the game. PC Building Simulator wouldn’t be growing into the game it is without all of this!


Exciting News!

I’m thrilled to announce that PC Building Simulator has been picked up by the indie game publisher The Irregular Corporation! Thank you to everyone who played the alpha on, wrote articles, made Let’s Plays and spread the word. This wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing support!

There will be more news appearing here in the coming months and please do keep requests for features and bug reports coming in! We’re still working on the on-going development plan for PC Building Simulator so it’ll be great to get an idea of what you’d like to see.

Thank you for all your support!

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